Low Ropes Course

The NMSU Low Ropes Course is designed to teach small groups or teams how to communicate, cooperate, and challenge themselves in a safe and fun atmosphere. The Low Ropes course helps Participants think and act creatively whether the group is a student organization or a group of co-workers.

Information Regarding the Elements of the Low Ropes Course:

  • Elements of the Low Ropes Course build group cohesiveness and individual self-efficacy through collaborative problem solving, trust and teaching building activities, all while keeping your feet on, or close to the ground.
  • Some Elements of the Course require physical contact and/or lifting team members, and the principle of “Challenge by Choice” is utilized to encourage maximum participation at all levels of comfort and ability.
  • NMSU’s diverse community offers many opportunities to gain multicultural experience, and in order to better serve the Participants, please advise of any special accommodations the group might need.

Administrative Information Regarding the Low Ropes Course:

  • Maximum of 30 Participants, Minimum of 8
  • All Participants must complete and sign agreement forms which include an Informed Consent/Assumption of Risk Form, and a Medical Clearance Agreement.
  • Minimum Participant age is 18, or with Parental Consent.
  • NMSU offers a 1:10 Instructor to Participant ratio to ensure maximum attentiveness to the group.


  • Low Ropes Course: $50/hour, 1 hour minimum.
  • NMSU Organizations can use an Index Number

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