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Facility Rentals

NMSU Student Organizations, Groups and Clubs:

  • All recognized student organizations are expected to complete the Activity Registration Process as a mechanism to assist in the event planning process and to ensure that advisors are up-to-date on organization activities.
    • All events must be approved through the Activity Registration Process in Crimson Connection.
    • Find instructions on how to complete the Activity Registration Process here: Activity Registration Process Instructions 
  • All recognized student groups/clubs must have a current charter with the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership Programs(SILP). Student Groups and Clubs must adhere to the policies set forth by SILP, which can be found here:    
Any group reservations (clubs, student organizations, etc.) must arrive on time. If you are more than 15 minutes late, your reservation will be canceled, and the space will become available for other recreational use.


*Reoccurring requests will only be approved for Chartered NMSU Student organizations. Intramural Sports and Chartered Student organizations have priority when processing rental requests.*


Non-NMSU Groups, AggieFit Members, and NMSU Academic Departments:

  • Non-NMSU Groups, AggieFit members, and NMSU Academic Departments who are interested in reserving space are required to submit the below form to begin the formalized process.
*Requests need to be made at least two weeks before the requested date of the event. Reservation requests are not definite until approval by UREC management.
Same-day requests will not be approved.*