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Monday & Wednesday 1:30pm – 5:00pm / Tuesday & Thursday 1:00pm – 5:00pm

Friday By Appointment Only /  Saturday & Sunday CLOSED

*You do not need to visit the office for Payroll Deduction or Student Account Charge.*

Full-Time Students and Retirees have continued access.

About AggieFit

AggieFit is the gateway to improving your health at New Mexico State University.  AggieFit Membership provides access to facilities including the Activity Center, Aquatic Center, and South Campus Fitness Center.   Membership provides you with diverse programming from NMSU aquatics, fitness, intramural sports, and outdoor recreation.

Membership Benefits

  • Access to Activity Center, Aquatic Center, and South Campus Fitness Center
  • 10% off NMSU programs: Summer Sports Camp, Outdoor Rentals, Swim School, Outlaw Swimming
  • Health Screenings at Aggie Health and Wellness Center
  • Access to Group Fitness Classes
  • Eligible for Intramural Sports (Part-Time Students Only)


Take the first step to a more fit you! Take advantage of facilities, services and programs offered with AggieFit membership.

  • Full Enrollment for FY20-21 will open May 17th. The Interim Membership Period is April 1 – June 30, 2021.
  • Memberships are annual, and priced off of the NMSU fiscal year, July 1 – June 30.
    • Exceptions are all Students and 9-mo Employees
  • AggieFit Membership registration will be in the AggieFit office, Rm 101 of the NMSU Activity Center.
  • Payment:  
    • To pay with payroll deduction or student account, you must be a current, eligible, NMSU Employee or Enrolled Student.  Please contact AggieFit to authorize these charges.
    • All other categories must pay with a Credit/Debit Card.
    • Those Retiree members who were previous AggieFit members (prior to 2020) need take no action, your membership will be continuously renewed. 
      • Those who retired after July 2020 will need to contact NMSU ID Card Services to receive a Retiree ID Card, and then your membership can be activated.

July 2021- June 2022 Membership Categories and Pricing: (The interim is pro-rated)

Students Description Semester Fee
Undergraduate Student
 Full Time — 12+ credits (Main Campus) No Fee
(included in Student Fees)
Part Time — 6-11 credits (Main Campus) $40
Part Time — 1-5 credits (Main Campus)


DACC Students All Credit Levels


Graduate Students


Full Time — 9+ credits (Main Campus) No Fee
(included in Student Fees)
Part Time — 5-8 credits (Main Campus)


Part Time — 1-4 credits (Main Campus


Student Summer
All Students, Enrolled in current Spring


 Summer I – Summer II
All Students, Enrolled in future Fall


Student Partner
Partner of Student Member


Student Little Aggie Pool Pass Student Dependents, Ages 3-17
(Student must have paid Membership)
(Each Dependent)
Employee Description Annual Fee Monthly Rate
(BCOM Employees must pay in full)
12-month Employee


$216 $18
9-month Employee (18 pay periods) $216 $24
9-month Employee (24 pay periods)


$216 $18
Affiliate Firms contracted with NMSU


$276 $23
Employee/Affiliate Partner Partner of 12-month Employee/Affiliate


$276 $23
Partner of 9-month Employee/Affiliate
(18 pay periods)
$276 $31
Partner of 9-month Employee/Affiliate
(24 pay periods)
$276 $23
Little Aggie Pool Pass
Dependents, Ages 3-17
(Sponsor must have paid Membership)
(each Dependent)
(each Dependent)
Retiree Qualifying NMSU Retirees
See NMSU ARP 8.12.D for eligibility
No Fee
Retiree Partner
Partner of Qualifying NMSU Retiree


No Fee
Community Members
Description Annual Fee
NMSU Alumni Verified NMSU Alumni


Community Member No NMSU Affiliation


Community Member
Little Aggie Pool Pass
Dependents, Ages 3-17
(Sponsor must have paid Membership)
(each Dependent)

PLEASE NOTE:  Beginning with the 2021 Annual Membership there will be a $30 fee to all Members, assessed annually, for Equipment Maintenance, that is due at the time of registration.

Full-Time NMSU & BCOM Students have already been assessed this fee.

  • Equipment Maintenance Fee automatically assessed when enrolled with 12 or more credits undergraduate Main Campus, Fall /Spring Semester, Graduates 9 Credits Main Campus, Fall/Spring.
  • Regular employees qualify for payroll deduction or may pay in full using cash/check/credit card.
  • Dependents and Minors under the age of 18 are not currently allowed to access the Activity and Aquatic Centers.
  • You may enroll any time and pricing is prorated.

Payroll Deduction: the term of enrollment contract is annual, with automatic renewal unless modified during open enrollment change period May 1-15, 2021. When dis-enrolling from AggieFit your last payroll deduction will be on June 30th of each year for 12 month employees and May 15th for 9 month employees. You will still have access to the facilities until the date listed above based on your status.