Swim Instruction

New Mexico State University Recreational Sports will NOT be holding Swim School or Swim Instruction during Summer 2022.

NMSU Rec Sports offers swim instruction in various learning settings for participants of all ages and abilities. Our certified swim instructors provide customized instruction to best fit the needs of swimmers in a friendly and safe environment. Come swim with us!

Swim School

A community-based instructional program primarily developed for teaching swimming to children beginning at the age of 3. NMSU Swim School is a local partner of Make a Splash. For more information on Make a Splash, please visit: Level 1: Water Awareness A water introductory class where swimmers will gain confidence in the water by developing skills that promote independent swimming.
  • Prerequisites: None
Level 2: Stroke Development Swimmers will continue swimming independently while learning the basic mechanics of the freestyle and backstroke.
  • Prerequisites: Swimmers must be able to swim five yards independently and without assistance.
Level 3: Stroke Proficiency  Swimmers will refine freestyle and backstroke technique, and learn the basic mechanics of the breaststroke.
  • Prerequisites: Swimmers must be able to swim freestyle and backstroke independently for 20 yards.
Level 4: Stroke Refinement and Performance Swimmers will build endurance, learn the butterfly, and continue refining stroke technique.
  • Prerequisites: Swimmers must be able to dive, swim 25 yards of freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke, and tread water for 30 seconds.