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Climbing Wall

*All new climbing wall policies will be communicated during the climbing orientation, and all participants are required follow all policies.*


  • Masks are required at all times.
  • Climbers must wash hands before climbing and must wash or sanitize hands before each climb.
  • In order to reduce the spread of germs on hands and climbing holds, only alcohol based liquid chalk will be allowed. (provided)
  • Climbers may NOT share any equipment.
  • Climbing zones will marked with tape on the climbing mat. Only one person inside each zone at a time.
  • There will only be 5 climbers allowed on the wall at a time. Climbers will be asked to practice social distancing while using the climbing wall. Belayers, and climbers waiting their turn must remain outside the taped area.
  • All climbers must refill out required paperwork and go through a new orientation.
  • There will be no equipment rental at the climbing wall.
  • Equipment may be rented from the Outdoor Center Mon-Fri, 2pm-6pm.
  • Climbers must clean and disinfect personal climbing shoes upon arrival before climbing.
  • Climbers will be instructed to make eye contact when communicating climbing commands to ensure clear communication while wearing masks.
  • Climbing Wall Attendants will monitor and enforce all policies. Any patron not following policies and protocol in a safe manner will be asked to leave and an Incident Report will be filed with the Program Coordinator.